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Welcome to Kennebec Marine Services, a full service Maine dock, ramp, float and mooring servicing company.

  • KMS builds custom walkways, docks, floats, piers and aluminum ramps in Maine.

  • KMS builds access and walking trails.

  • KMS builds and maintains new and existing Maine moorings in the Kennebec, Sheepscot and New Meadows River regions.

  • KMS launch's and haul's out recreational boats.

  • We launch and haul out over 100 float & ramp systems a year.

  • Boom Truck, Excavator and Tractor available.

Loading Maine Dock Floats

Loading a dock for the trip to Canada


If you're thinking about a new Maine float, ramp, pier or a whole new system...
Call (207) 442-9729 and make an appointment to come see our product,
you'll love what you see, we have many to view.

We specialize in the Kennebec, Sheepscot and New Meadows River regions of Maine

Some recent Maine Docks, Floats and Ramps we have built.


Thanks for taking the time to visit Kennebec Marine Services. We are a full service Maine dock, float and ramp servicing company. We can build you a dock or we can repair your existing float, dock or ramp. WIth our barge and boom truck we are able to easily haul and check your Maine mooring as well.

Please reach out to us any time via our Contact Page or the information below.
(207) 442-9729 Cell - (207) 798-1541
E-mail Herb at kennebecmarineservice@gmail.com
Maine Dock and Ramp

Building a Maine dock encompasses a wide variety of skills, ranging from carpentary to knowledge of the tide and weather patterns. Logistically building a dock in Maine can be challenging given the slippery, often difficult to access rocky coast of our state construction site given the rocky, slippery coast we live on. Throw in a 9 foot twice daily tidal surge and one can begin to appreciate the challenges.

Please take a look at some of our recent docks and ramps built in Maine to get a sense of what we are capable of building.

Step 1: Evaluating your site location
Before installing a Maine dock and/or float, the key is determining the best location to place the dock, the ramp and the float. Often times there are local code issues to deal with as well. I have been
at this business for many years and am always more than happy to discuss the various issues that can arise.

44 Creekside Lane Home
Bath, ME 04530
(207) 442-9729 Cell - (207) 798-1541
E-mail Herb at kennebecmarineservice@gmail.com

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